Meet Eloise!

Hi Lovelies,

I know I’ve promised this post for a couple of weeks now, but since my movers finally showed up, things got super hectic real quick. So here’s a (brief) introduction to our new baby, ELOISE! She’s a 3 lb. silver and black dapple mini Dachshund – and I’m totally in love with her. Since we brought her home two weeks ago, she’s gained a pound, came out of her shy shell and become a mischievous, nibbling, barking little pup.

Eloise is our tiny American girl, and her voyage home to us was not exactly what we anticipated. Originally, my parents and I were supposed to drive to Montana to pick her up after her quick flight from her home in Minnesota to Great Falls, the closest U.S. city to us in Alberta. The trip started out smoothly, until we got about 2 hours from Great Falls, and received a call from her breeder informing us that Eloise was unable to board her flight because the cargo temperatures were too high for her travel. I panicked, of course. How was I going to get my puppy?! Unfortunately, the weather looked too warm all weekend for her to be able to catch another flight any day soon thereafter. My parents, being the troopers they are, didn’t even blink and eye when I told them we had to change our route and head directly to Eloise’s home in Minnesota. This ended up being a 22 hour driving time detour. We made it from northern Alberta to central Minnesota and back in 3 days!

The long days of nonstop driving were so worth it though when we finally got her. She was teeny tiny, super soft, and very docile. Even though she’s bigger and more rambunctious now (but equally as soft), I’m grateful we were finally able to bring her home and watch her grow.

I can’t wait to share more photos of her as she experiences life with us!


Travel Day Style

Hi Lovelies,

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m always extremely interested to see what people are wearing for travel outfits because I’m continually stuck on ideas for super comfy yet stylish travelwear. Today,  I’m showing you an oversized sweater dress which is perfect for the plane because it’s literally like wearing a blanket. Speaking of that, if you know that your flight won’t be providing you with a blanket you may want to bring a thin one (see this post for my travel item recommendations) to keep your legs warm. I’ve paired this dress with some flat Chelsea boots in leopard calf hair – they were snagged at the Nordstrom sale for a great price but are affordable and comfy regardless.

I always like to travel with my GM Neverfull because it’s so easy to toss all of my junk into. But I recently got this new roller bag and have actually enjoyed having it as an additional carry on, too. This specific one is well priced, especially compared to some similar ones on the market, is lightweight, has well made inserts and straps inside, and rolls very easily.

Hopefully you’re all as excited about OTT returning as I am. I’ve been loving planning content and you can expect more regular posts as I get settled into life in Canada.


What I’m Wearing

Glasses: Prada Dress: Asos

Boots: Nordstrom Lip-color: YSL

Suitcase: Rockford Luggage

Photo Credit: @gingergirlgoes

*Note: I did not purchase my glasses through the provider linked.

The Big Move!

“And sometimes you just know, it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”

Hi Lovelies,

I can officially say that Over The Topma is back! For many different reasons, I’ve had to take the summer off of blogging, and let me tell you, I’ve missed it. There are so many things I need to update ya’ll on – but the biggest news is comin’ at ya today.


 The devastation of leaving a city that feels like home is real. Chicago has captured my heart and brought my whimsical soul alive. So why would I leave that behind, you ask? Because as much as I love Chicago, I love my Husband more. Being apart for the last few years has been a worth while experience, but being closer together has always been our next step and living in Canada is how we achieve that at this point in our lives. I’m hopeful this new chapter in my life will bring lots of exciting new adventures and happiness inducing, blog-worthy times but I leave Chicago with the sorrow of loss for the people I’ve met and the places I’ve made my own.

I’ve always believed the saying that “[y]ou will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” As hard as it is for me to imagine my life outside of Chicago, I am beyond blessed to have met and loved so many people in this city.

Chicago, you’ll always be my city. The city where I ventured out and found myself. The city where I created myself. The city where my dreams came to life. The city where I found my favorite place on the planet to stand and wonder about the world. The city where I made some of my best and lifelong friends. You’ve given so much to me, and to say goodbye leaves a part of my heart empty; but this isn’t the end of our story, I’ll be back one day. You’re my forever favorite, and always home.

So, with that being said, stick around if ya’ll want more posts on my favorite spots in the Chicago, our new home, fall fashion and beauty with a side of cocktails and party planning. I have some big plans for little ole’ OTT in the coming months and I’m excited to share them all with you.


Follow my moving adventures on Instagram at #OTTMoves

P.s you can find my sweater here. The orange jumpsuit is Victoria Beckham for Target Spring 2017, and the shoes are Coach Spring 2017.

Easter Cocktails, Three Ways!

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days on here. Of course, as soon as I get a couple months in with my regular posts, a nasty virus hits and takes me down for awhile. Nevertheless, with Easter fast approaching I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share some of my Spring inspired cocktail recipes for your Easter festivities. I like to throw together ingredients and see what works, so there’s some unique flavour profiles here – luckily I’ve done the leg work for you. Let me know if you try any of these recipes, or customize them for yourself; I’m always on the hunt for new recipes! Also, you’re forewarned that the Peep martini is strong, but a good martini always is, right?

Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular posts now – no promises, but I do have some great looks coming your way very, very, soon 🙂



Boozy Strawberry Lemonade 

To make: Add sliced strawberries to the bottom of champagne flute, pour in vodka and lemonade, add in prosecco, and top with a splash of lemon water if desired.

Rosemary Grapefruit G&T

To make: muddle lime and a few rosemary sprigs in the bottom of the glass, pour in gin and grapefruit juice and stir lightly. Top with tonic water, and garnish with rosemary.

Cotton Candy Marshmallow Peep Martini

To make: Mix Whipped and Cotton Candy vodka in a martini shaker with ice, add cream, and shake lightly. Wet rim of glass with water or honey and rim the glass with sprinkles. Cut the peep and garnish side of glass with it. Pour in the shaken martini. Optionally, add one drop of red food colouring to the martini shaker to make a pink coloured drink! * I used cotton candy peeps – but I mean, do they even look like peeps anymore?!

Jean Dress & Sparkly Pink Flats

Hi Lovelies,

These new pink flats are (no surprise) my new obsession. I’m having a full on internal struggle between wanting to wear them every single day, and not wanting to ruin them or wear them out because I love them so much. I’m pretty in love with my Manolo Blahnik Hangsi heels from this post and have been itching to get the pink flat version for some time now, but when I saw these ones for a fraction of the price, I jumped on it. My hesitation with the Manolos were that the silk wouldn’t hold up very well on the streets of Chicago, and since I live downtown and walk miles a day, I didn’t want too splurge on another pair of shoes I was going to destroy in a week. I feel much better about the pink ones pictured because despite not wanting to ruin them as they are beautiful, I won’t be devastated if the silk gets a mark, or the sole begins to wear out a bit.That being said, I still won’t be trucking them through the rain anytime soon.

As for this jean dress, it’s from Old Navy everyone! My Sister and I found them while shopping together, and if I’m being honest it’s borderline too short to be a dress. I’m 5″5′ and she’s 5″9′ and at her height I personally wouldn’t wear it without tights underneath, so that’s something to consider. I think it’s fine when your arms are down but if you have to do lots of movement or picking things up, rethink how you’re planning to style this before purchasing. Nonetheless, I love the bright blue color of the denim, it’s light weight and a flattering fit, plus you can never go wrong for Old Navy prices. I have a feeling it will be a regular weekend throw on for me when the weather warms up!

Also, how cute is the decor in our hotel we stayed at for our part of our Dallas trip. My parents had a conference here so we joined them for a new nights, and the lobby renovations were so cute! I felt like I was in a coastal town – to be fair it was lake front, though.


What I’m Wearing

Dress: Old Navy Shoes: Badgley Mischka Earrings: Kendra Scott


Three Books to Keep You Positive

Hi Lovelies,

I’m taking a little break from my usual lighthearted banter about cocktails, fashion, my chihuahua, and travelling to chat something a little different today – staying grounded as a person. Life is hectic. I know. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in work, social media, friends, the latest restaurant openings, deadlines, workout routines, meal prepping, and in general, just living your life (add kids to the mix and I’m sure it’s pure craziness!). I’ve recently been using several different books to help shift my focus at the start and end of the day away from the things that consume so much of my time and mind, towards things that will really help me stay grounded as a person, maintain a positive attitude and promote gratefulness for what I have. I, like so many other women, find it easy to compare my life to others on the internet, on the streets, or at the gym, but the reality is – I live such a blessed life and I need to carve out time to remember that. So here’s 3 books I’ve been loving lately to keep me happy, healthy, grateful & grounded!


  1. Happiness Planner – I love the Happiness Planner because unlike the others, it actually helps with organization, too. I use this one mainly at night when I have a lot on my mind and want to clear it before winding down for bed. I love that it has a mix of inspirational quotes, reminders to focus on what makes you happy, and questions to help you think about different topics. For example “Who would you like to see more often? List the things you would like to do together.” This one is undated (there is a dated version, too) so that you can start any time in the year, and it doesn’t have to be used daily, but I am trying to make a habit out of using it on a consistent basis to see the real impact on it has on my thoughts and positivity levels.
  2. 52 Lists for Happiness – The 52 Lists for Happiness book asks you make to one list each week regarding something that makes you happy. For instance “List the movies, books and tv shows that make you feel happy”. I love that this is a quick weekly task rather than a daily one, and it helps you to really think of what makes you happy. My personal goal for this book is to use what I think about and write to push me towards doing more of what I know makes me happy, on a daily basis.
  3. Five Year Memory Journal – The five year memory journal is one I find harder to stick to because it’s a long term journal that will be really cool to read back upon in a few years, but one I don’t find all that exciting on a day to day basis. I try to do this one in the morning because it’s super quick; all you do is finish the sentence for one sentence a day, and then answer one years worth of sentences for five years. The idea is you can look back on previous years and see how you’ve changed. I like that it’s either a question or open ended sentence so it doesn’t really require too much thinking, but it still makes you take a couple of minutes to reflect on a certain area of your life each day, as well.

If any of you are interested in trying to create a happier and more positive outlook on life, I highly recommend all three of these books. Of course, you by no means need them all – so pick which one sounds the most fitting for you and try starting there. P.s. Despite the links, I have found them all in store in Anthropologie quite often, too!

Staple Swing Sundress

Hi Lovelies,

Today I’m chatting my staple sundress season after season. This particular one I’m wearing has sold out online, but may still be available in stores. However, there are many similar ones available, and I’ll link the one I’m wanting right now! I tried it on in the store, and decided to be responsible and not purchase it since I had just bought the one pictured, but now I’m wishing I owned it, too!

The look I’m obsessed with every.single.season. is a spaghetti strap swing dress. I have so many from years previous that aren’t even Lilly, and I love them all. I think what makes them top of my list is that they are the comfiest fit you could ever imagine. Although I’d posit that they look a little bit like a mumu, if you have fun colours, great accessories, and wedges or heels, it’s super easy to bring up their style level a bit. I wear them going out with heels, overtop of bathing suits to the pool, running errands in the scorching heat of summer, or just putting around the house. It’s honestly so versatile, it’s hard not to have at least one in your wardrobe! Plus, the Lilly ones have fun little details like tassels or ruffles, which add a little something extra to an otherwise simple dress shape.


What I’m Wearing

Jacket: Old, Similar*

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (sold out online), Love this too Shoes: This post

*I have a few of the Blank NYC faux leather jackets and highly recommend them for the price point and quality. They’re great!

She’s Gone Country

Hi Lovelies,

While I was down in Texas I got back to my country roots a bit. Many people probably don’t know that I grew up in a tiny town in Alberta, where cowboy boots, farming, and spending time camping, quading and having bonfires were a regular thing. Since I went off to university, moved to Toronto and now Chicago, my style has evolved a little bit. But I still enjoy doing all of the things I did growing up. Long story short, I traded in my gold moccasins for the cutest new pair of cowboy boots in Dallas, and it felt so good to have something that reminds me of home every time I wear them. In true Over The Topma fashion, they’re no ordinary boots, though! I also paired them with a hot pink silk dress, because . . . why not?! It’s not like I’m actually going to wear them to farm or mud, they’re far too pretty (and the embroidering would get dirty!). I know. Don’t judge.


And, my favourite photo for last . . .


What I’m Wearing

 Dress: Banana Republic Gold Moccasins: Old Navy Cowboy Boots: Wild Bills

Perfume Picks: Spring & Summer 2017

Hi Lovelies,

I thought I’d share my top perfume picks for this Spring & Summer with you today. Several of them are ones I go back to year after year, but a few of them are new. I should preface all of these by saying that I’m very seasonal when it comes to my chosen scents, so for Spring I typically go for light floral scents, and for Summer I like ones that smell beachy and almost maybe a bit sunscreen-esque. That being said, I basically interchange my Spring and Summer ones depending on how warm the weather is, regardless of the actual season. You can see all of my current faves, and my (terrible) attempt at describing them below!





  1. Prada Candy – This scent is the perfect choice for anyone who likes really sweet perfumes. It literally smells like sugar; like a lollipop or cotton candy! I usually wear it during the day in Spring, and in the evenings during Summer, since it is a bit of a heavier scent compared to the others listed here.
  2. Oribe Cote d’Azur – I have to admit, I bought this one hoping it would smell like my beloved classic Oribe scent (ya’ll know I’m a huge fan of their hair products!), but if I’m being honest it doesn’t smell the same. It’s close. Really close. But something is a bit off. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful scent if you love that fresh, citrusy smell Oribe has.
  3. Victoria Secret Bombshell – I have loved his perfume for years and years. Probably since I was in high school. It smells florally, a little sweet, and a bit like sea water. I like to travel with this one since it’s less expensive than the others so I don’t fear the bottle breaking. It’s one I spray on as often as I like without concern that I’ll use it all up, and it has great staying power.
  4. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua – It took me almost two years to bite the bullet and buy this fragrance. These TF ones are expensive, and I had originally wanted the Neroli Portofino, but every time I would get a tester of it, I found that the scent wouldn’t last more than an hour or so. Last Summer, they released this Neroli Portofino Acqua and it’s a very similar scent, but I like it a bit better, plus I find it lasts for hours and hours on me. It smells very beachy, a bit citrusy, and almost a tad fishy like fresh sea water does (weird, I know – but it’s delish). As a side note, I bought this TF one for Hubs last Spring, and he loves it! Most of this TF collection is meant to be unisex but I find this one to be very masculine.
  5. Bobbi Brown Beach – If I had to pick my number one fragrance to wear all Summer long, it’s Beach. It legitimately smells like sunscreen. It’s fresh, light, and you get whisps of it all day, making you feel like you’re ready for the pool, even if you’re stuck in your office working. Smell this one NOW!
  6. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc – This one was also released by TF last summer, it smells very beachy as well (notice a theme here?). It has the sunscreen undertones to it like Beach does, but adds in some coconut and a bit more sweetness. This one is pricey so I understand the hesitance to purchase it, I find that this one is an almost exact dupe and a better price point, if you want to compare them!
  7. Atelier Cologne Clementine California – This perfume is brand new for this Season. I’ve had a few of the Atelier scents, but I love the fresh clementines in this one. It basically smells like Summer, light flowers and oranges in a bottle. It’s my top choice for Spring right now, and it’s limited edition.
  8. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue – This one is another evening scent for me. I’ll occasionally wear it on a gloomy or chilly spring day, but on the whole I wear it for a night out in both Summer and Spring. I find this scent so hard to describe, but I feel like almost everyone has sniffed it before. If you haven’t it’s a heavier but still fresh citrus scent with touch of musk to it. Very classy and timeless, in my opinion.
  9. Bond No. 9 Madison Avenue – Madison Avenue is the newest scent to my collection this season. I picked it up while we were in NYC in February. The store had so so so so many fragrances I wanted but I landed on this one in the end. I’m not sure that other people would agree, but I find it has the scent of strawberries & cream, with tulips, and perhaps a grassy undertone. I highly recommend checking out Bond No. 9 if you haven’t already. My only complaint is that I can’t smell it on my self for more than an hour or two so I tend to put more on frequently. That being said others compliment it near the end of the day so I do think it has some staying power.
  10. Chloe – I think I’ve mentioned Chloe several times on the blog before. It’s my all time favourite scent, no matter the season. That being said, I don’t wear it as often in the Spring and Summer as I do the rest of the year. I like to think of her as my ole faithful, the one I wear every time I don’t know what to put on. She’s a must have!

Travel With Me: Magnolia – Waco, Texas

Hi Lovelies,

I’ve come down to the Lone Star State for a little bit of R&R in Dallas with the Husband, and to join my parents for a few nights while they were at a conference. While my step-dad was at his conference, and my Hubs was golfing, my Mama and I decided to make a trip down to Waco to visit Magnolia. I don’t really follow Chip & Joanna Gaines or their tv show, but my Mom does and so we began the two-ish hour drive south. I had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t looked up Magnolia online prior to visiting and so I only knew what my Mom had shared (which wasn’t much) but let me tell you, it was AMAZING! We showed up during some Spring Festival so it was extra extra extra busy, but well worth the hour wait in line and hoards of people. First we went to the main store area, which had some home goods, larger furniture items, books and Magnolia souvenir items ( I got a speckled mug – of course). We also visited some of the tent vendors that were there for the Spring Festival, and walked around the premises. We tried to get into the Bakery but the line was far too long for it to be worth it for us. Bless my Mama, she even let me get blog photos even though we had to wait for the gaggles of people to clear out of our way. She’s the best. Ever. If you’re ever contemplating a visit to Magnolia – do it! I want my entire house and yard decorated the way Joanna decorated this place. It’s stunning and unique.

For my outfit, it’s a matching two piece Lilly Pulitzer set, paired with a pink cardigan from J.Crew. I love this matching set because I’ve found plenty of ways to wear each piece individually – for instance, the crop top with high waisted jeans, a black leather jacket and black booties, or the shorts with a white tank top and pink blazer. No matter what you pair it with it’s going to look great. As a bonus, it’s elastic and stretchy and is so, so comfy. If you follow my blog, or know me at all, you’ll comfortable is my number one BFF. Lilly recently came out with this set in a pink & green pattern too – check them out! As for my shoes, these are new wedges I got for the season, and although I’ve only worn for them a few hours, they seem to be very comfortable. They have lace up ankle straps which I think helps fit them to your feet more, always a bonus!

P.S. If read passed my outfit photos, I’ll have some of Magnolia and my cute Mama.


My Outfit


What I’m Wearing

Shorts/Shirt: Lilly Pulitzer Cardigan: J.Crew Shoes: Nordstrom