Travel With Me: Bahamas Night One

Hi Lovelies,

In case you missed it, Matt and I travelled to the Bahamas for a Christmas vacation. We stayed at the Sandals Emerald Bay on Great Exuma and I’ll do a full review of the resort for you soon! In the mean time, here’s my outfit for our first night! I’ll apologize in advance for any photos that are dark – I was trying to teach Matt how to take decent photos but since the sun sets so early on the island, most days were a failed mission. Here, I wore my beloved J.Crew crepe pants with white body suit, a bright colored statement necklace and some of my ever-favourite pointe toe flats. I love taking a classic black and white outfit and adding different bold jewelery pieces to make it look like a completely new look. I also find that you can pick a lipstick tone from your jewelery to make an extra pop – for instance here I had fuscia pink lipstick to bring out the colors in my necklace.


What I Wore

Pants: This post Body Suit: American Apparel

Necklace: J.Crew (sold out), also love Shoes: This post (different color)

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 2016

Hi Lovelies,

I wanted to start a new blog tradition of posting my Christmas card each year on December 25th with a nice little Christmas message, but since this is the first Christmas for Over The Topma, I thought I’d share all of Matthew and I’s Christmas cards to date (minus 2013 which has went MIA). I love getting holiday cards from friends and family or peeking at others on social media, so if any of you are as curious as I am- here you go!

Matt and I jetted off to the Bahamas this year with a few friends so it’s the first year that we haven’t been with our families on Christmas Day- so to all of them: I miss & love you, and am thinking about you today. I also want wish all of you a peaceful and  merry Christmas!


Casual Christmas Outfit

Hi Lovelies,

I wanted to share one last holiday look with you. It’s a casual outfit that’s perfect for the office, or anytime you want to be more comfortable. The dress pants are an elastic waist crepe pant so you can eat as many Christmas cookies as you want and never be able to tell; don’t worry, I tested this theory out for ya’ll. This tartan sweater is one of my favourite holiday pieces- I’ve had it for a few years and mix it up with jeans, skirts or dress pants. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!


What I’m Wearing:

Top: J.Crew Factory (currently out of stock) Pants: J.Crew

Shoes: Halogen “Olson” (sold out), also love these 

Snowy Holiday Look

Hi Lovelies,

It’s time for another holiday look! Don’t judge – I warned you I was Christmas obsessed. This red skirt is one of my favourites year after year; I’ve had it for a few seasons now and wear it frequently whether or not it’s the holidays. I’ve paired it with a black velvet body suit that has a deep v-neck, but of course it goes with many different tops – you can check my Instagram @overthetopma if you want to see how I’ve styled it in years passed (hint: cream lace top, last year). I don’t think I have too much to say about these shoes that I haven’t said before – they’re tartan crystal pumps and you can read all about them here! I couldn’t resist bundling up a bit more and going out in the fresh snow, so you can catch a glimpse of that at the end of the post, too. There’s always something magical about a snow covered city that makes me feel so festive!


What I’m Wearing

Bodysuit: Express Skirt: Express (old), Similar Heels: This Post

Black Scarf: Target Red Scarf: H&M (old), Similar

Toque (or beanie for my American friends!): Nordstrom (old), Similar

Photo Credit: @gingergirlgoes

Finding Neverland


Hi Lovelies,

A little while ago I went with my Mom and Mother In-law to see Finding Neverland (the Peter Pan story). It was actually amazing! Massive amounts of glitter fall from the ceiling several times throughout the play, so naturally, I’m sold. Anyways, my skirt I wore is one of the most flattering pieces in my current wardrobe. It’s so unique, comfortable (aka soft), and easy to dress up or down. I wore it with a black sleeveless top, blazer and grey handbag to polish off the look. I loved it so much that after I took a ton of pictures before the play, I took even more at the Cadillac Theatre, because it’s beautiful inside. Sorry for the long post, but hey, girl loves her skirt.


img_8948 edd94692-3077-4a42-b914-9da9bb005d2c img_8979 80665218-5938-45e7-b0ed-6fa45046cefc fullsizeoutput_cd5 fd36d90c-f18b-4182-a96f-650fd287ebfe img_8919 img_8996

And a few from the theatre . . .


What I’m Wearing

Skirt: Anthropologie (sold out online, called “Eclat” to check stores), Similar

Top: Express Blazer: Old, Love This Shoes: This Post

Bag: Henri Bendel (grey sold out online) Necklace: Forever 21 (not online)

Thirty Things I Love About My Sister (on her 30th birthday)!

Hi Lovelies,

Today’s post is going to be a bit different than my usual content, but for a very good reason – it’s my Big Sister’s 30th birthday! So if you aren’t interested in the mush or love that I’ll be writing about, go ahead and close this post; but if you want to read all about why I think she’s so awesome and see a ton of throwback photos in which we made terrible fashion and beauty choices, keep scrolling! Here’s thirty reasons why I love my Sister, on her 30th birthday – let’s do this!



  1. She never doubts me. It doesn’t matter what dream I have, how big my goals are, or how little I know about the new venture, she always tells me I can do it. And if I can’t, she tells me to try again.
  2. She values her relationships most. If you’re someone she cares about, you should consider yourself very lucky because she puts all of her effort into making sure her friends and family are her priority.
  3. She’s raising beautiful children. I don’t just mean they are completely adorable (which they are!) but they are also kind-hearted, soft, funny, and generally really, really, really happy.
  4. She loves ice-cream and thinks its perfectly reasonable to set a goal to eat ice cream every single day during my 6 day visit to London. We conquered that goal, incase you’re wondering.
  5. She’s thoughtful. She is continually thinking of others, thinking things through before she responds to someone, and considering all points of view.
  6. She’s a warrior. Life’s tough but that never stops her. She not only finds a way to get herself through the hardest times, but she always helps me through them, too.
  7. She’s changing children’s lives. She is so dedicated to her work as a teacher and impacting children’s lives that she chooses to be away from her kids to spend her days helping other children who need it. She stays late to work more, spends her own money on items for kids, and purposefully works at more challenging schools because she wants to make each child’s’ life better.
  8. She likes to laugh and poke fun at herself. She’s not too proud to bust out stupid dance moves, snap silly faces on snapchat or make animal noises in public, while embarrassing our husbands.
  9. She’s serious though, too. She’s intuitive enough to know when people won’t appreciate her silliness, or when they’re in need of a more serious chat.
  10. She’s intelligent. Aside from being academically smart (Dean’s List, every year!), she is genuinely wise and takes pride in learning more.
  11. She literally doesn’t understand how beautiful she is. It boggles my mind that she doesn’t see how naturally stunning she is.
  12. She’s humble. My Sister is never one to brag or show off. Her greatest achievements aren’t known by many because she walks through life quietly accomplishing her goals.
  13. She calls me out on my bullsh*t. If I don’t have my priorities straight or I’ve got a bad attitude, I can always count on her to let me know I need to refocus and get back on track.
  14. She has great style! Most of the time she thinks she doesn’t, but I actually learn a lot from her.
  15. But she’s still not materialistic. Don’t get me wrong, she loves a good purse or lipstick, but her priority is never having the newest and nicest. And if she does, she’s never flashy about it!
  16. She’ll always help. It doesn’t matter how much she is struggling, or how busy she is, she never turns me away when I need her.
  17. She’s athletic. Given that I still can’t ride a bike without training wheels (jokes, but it’s close to that bad) I’m always really jealous that she can kick around a soccer ball and actually hit the net.
  18. She’s grateful. We have so many conversations about the wonderful things that happen in our life, and even amidst the darkest hours, she’s constantly reminding me we have it pretty good.
  19. She gives back. Every year on the twins’ birthday they collect items for the NICU the twins stayed in and bring them into the hospital for other families who are having a hard time to use.
  20. She loves wine. Usually a white, sometimes from a box, but give the girl some red and she gets feisty.
  21. She cares about people she doesn’t even know. It sounds odd, but her heart is literally so big she spends time writing in to Ellen to get help for families she’s never met who need it.
  22. She’s tall. I don’t know if this is a big achievement, but as the shorter sister, I’m always jelly.
  23. She drives me around. I hate driving – I’ll admit it, so she always does the driving when we are together and even orders me cabs if she knows she can’t drive me somewhere. I’ll always have fond memories of me getting us lost driving the wrong way down the 401 on our way to the airport in Toronto and her yelling “I can’t talk to stupid” as I try and fail to find us directions. Don’t worry, I learned to look up the directions before we get on the road, and she learned to control her road rage 😉
  24. She admits when she’s wrong. No one apologizes quicker for making a mistake than she does.
  25. She’s not afraid of a challenge. Think: twin one year olds and a 10 hour flight to Hawaii last Christmas. She didn’t blink twice at the thought!
  26. She’s adventurous. There’s so many things she wants to do and see; she’ll travel the world to see other cultures.
  27. She works hard to be a good person. She doesn’t sit back and hope to be a great human, she actively thinks about what she can do better and then works on it.
  28. She made me give her a piggy back in my wedding dress. Who else could convince me to do that?! Heads up, there’s photographic evidence of that below.
  29. She always listens. It’s not just that she will let me ramble whenever I want to (and Lord knows I can talk), she makes it a point to actively listen to what I’m saying.
  30. Her love for me is unwavering. I’ve had my fair share of times when I wasn’t the best sister or the nicest person but that has never stopped her from being in my corner and loving me unconditionally.


Love, Your Gooey.

P.S. The good part is below, all of those throw back photos I promised over 1000 words ago!



Christmas Faves: 2016!

Hi Lovelies,

If you know me at all, you’ll know that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year – and that’s a huge understatement! I’m the type of person who can’t wait for Halloween to come and go so I can be at least a little bit justified in putting up my tree and cranking Bing Crosby. Now that it’s officially December, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a few miscellaneous Christmassy faves I have this year. I could go on and on about anything Christmas related but I’ll keep it short(ish).


1.Christmas Decor: Because I’m near insane, prior to putting up my Christmas decorations I have to pack away every item in my house that is not neutral coloured, and then replace them all with appropriately coloured items for my theme that year. While I do a more classic Christmas look at my apartment here in Chicago, I do our house in Canada all white and turquoise (even the tree!). Arguably, the best decor piece in my apartment this year is my new bar cart; it’s peppermint themed with the top being a hot chocolate bar and the bottom having classic barware for cold drinks. The top level has candy cane liquor (Frosty’s Candy Cane, if you’re curious), mini peppermint marshmallows, and peppermint hot cocoa. All of the barware except for the mugs – which were a Marshall’s find, are from Nordstrom (here, here, here & here).

2.Mulled Wine: In Chicago, there’s the cutest little German Christmas market I look forward to each year, where they serve mulled wine in collectible cups. The wine is delicious, and honestly just drinking it out of my special cup makes it even more fun. So, the problem hit when it was early November this year and I wanted some of the wine in a silly collectible cup so bad. What’s a girl to do? Buy mulling spices (available here) and make her own of course! I just tossed some of the spices into a paper tea bag (like this) and let it simmer with orange peels and a dash (or three!) of maple bourbon in a pot of sweet red wine. My Mother In-Law doesn’t drink alcohol so I made it for her with a cranberry-pomegranate juice instead of wine (and sans the bourbon, clearly) and it turned out tasty, as well.

3.Winter Candle: This scent is by far the best Christmassy scent I’ve ever found. To me, Christmas smells like oranges, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, rosemary – the classics, and that’s just what the candle scent is! Aside from the fact that it smells delicious, it is so beautiful to burn because it’s not in a candle holder, so the wicks just burn down the middle leaving a pretty wax ring around the outside that has the dried fruit and spices right in the wax. I have the 3 wick candle, but there is a 6 wick one too which is stunning if you have a larger space or a holiday party (here & here)! You’re fair warned though that the company (The White Company London) is from the UK, so despite having a US site, the shipping rates can still be pretty high.


4.Tartan Plaid Shoes: WITH CRYSTALS! Okay, I get it . . . these aren’t that practical. I know I can only wear them for a few weeks out of the year, but they’re tartan plaid heels with crystals, so that’s really all of the justification I need. I love a good statement stiletto, and these ones are timeless enough (in my opinion) to wear every holiday season to come. I have a few holiday looks planned to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled for them to make further appearances (or snag them for yourself here).

This is a complete side note, but how cute is this picture I got of my Pup?! He’s so stinkin’ precious I had to share it. And since I don’t think I’ve mentioned him before – this is Taquita, my 9 year old Chihuahua who is my bestie, the love of my life, and a legit medical marvel.


Perfect Red Plaid

Hi Lovelies,

Let’s get to it – this red plaid shirt is the perfect. It’s lightweight so you don’t get too hot, it’s a great length that works well with leggings but isn’t too long to look sloppy with jeans, and the tones of it are great for Fall through the Holiday season! I’ve paired it with faux leather leggings (that are high waisted and technically workout leggings – hallelujah!), and some suede over the knee boots. Both items are very universal and I’ve found the boots comfy enough to walk for hours in.


What I’m Wearing

Shirt: Target Leggings: Koral

Boots: Steve Madden Lipstick: YSL

Hat: Nordstrom