Travel With Me: My 27th Birthday in the Bahamas!

Hi Lovelies,

While we were on vacation, I celebrated my 27th birthday (on December 24th, to be exact)! I had an amazing day on our tour of some different cays, feeding the iguanas, hiking to a cliff, and swimming with the pigs!!! I’ve wanted to swim with the pigs for years, so it was super exciting to finally get to do it – best birthday present ever! Before we left on our tour, a group of about 10 butlers from the resort surprised me in the lobby and sang a special rendition of Happy Birthday to me, and even though quite a few people were staring which made me uncomfortable, it was a really thoughtful and a great start to our adventures. Unfortunately, later that night during dinner I started to feel quite ill and I ended up in bed with the flu or food poisoning by 7pm. It was a bit of a bummer to not really get to celebrate my birthday in the evening, but I had such a fabulous day that there was no ruining my happiness.

For the tour during the day, I just wore a bathing suit and sarong so that it was easy to manage if it got wet and sandy. For my birthday dinner, I wore my favourite silver skirt (you’ve seen it already, but I can promise this won’t be the last time it shows up on OTT; I love it too much!), and a neon pink top. I liked the idea of pairing a more casual top with the skirt to give it a bit of “island vibes” if that’s a thing. Like I mentioned, I got so sick after dinner that I only wore the outfit for a hot second so there isn’t too many good snaps of it – sorry!


Day Tour


*Take note of Santa in the back . . . we had a drunk dirty Santa on our boat with us who went through the water and sand in his full costume so, that was interesting!

Birthday Dinner


What I Wore:

Bathing Suit: Kate Spade Skirt: This Post Top: J.Crew (old) Shoes: This Post

Travel With Me: Bahamas Beach Look

Hi Lovelies,

The water in Great Exuma was unreal. I have never seen something so blue or clear, especially in the Caribbean! I’m not typically a huge ocean swimmer, and you can generally find me camped out poolside, but I couldn’t pass up the stunning and warm ocean there! Here’s a fun little story for ya, I used to love swimming in the ocean, and I mean LOVE, you couldn’t get me out of it unless you were bribing me with food and drinks, but then 4 years ago, we were in Antigua, it was the day after Matt & I’s wedding, and I was swimming in the ocean . . .  in the rain, and of course I got stung by jellyfish. Apparently they like to come close to shore when it rains (who knew?!), and I like to swim in the rain when the water feels the warmest, so I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Since then, I’m a bit leary of the ocean and what’s lurking in the waters because the jellyfish stings hurt, and they are most definitely not the worst creatures in the ocean!

As for my outfit here, it’s basically just my swim suit and coverup. This coverup is new for me, and I love that is has 4 separate panels as the skirt because it’s super easy to walk in if it gets wet or you’re strolling along the beach. I also really love my swimsuit, this is my first pair of high waisted bottoms and they were definitely comfortable to wear. The top and bottom aren’t a set, and the top actually has classic swimsuit styled bottoms that match them, but because of the scuba-material of the entire suit, I’m not a huge fan of the bottoms; but I do love that the scuba-material gives the top a leathery look which is beach chic.



What I’m Wearing:

Coverup: Asos Top: Triangl Bottom: Asos

Travel With Me: Bahamas Night Two

Hi Lovelies,

What I really love about the Sandals hotel chain is that there are always lots of restaurants that are on the fancy end – which for me, means plenty of opportunities to dress up a bit and bust out those clothes I don’t wear as often (or bought without an occasion to wear it for). I really love this jumpsuit because it’s a shimmery champagne gold and super stretchy. By my standards, there’s literally nothing better than something that feels like sweats but looks put together. I only have two photos of it because we were super rushed for dinner – but as always I’ll link everything down below if you want to know more. I’m still working on a full review of the resort but I have to get all of my photos in order first since I took over 800 on the trip – oops!


P.S. Sorry I’ve been MIA on here after I started my trip posts, I got the flu shortly after and it took me down for awhile 🙂


What I’m Wearing

Jumpsuit: Target Belt: Target Shoes: This Post Pearls: My Mama, Love  these