Travel with Me: Bahamas Day to Night!

Hi Lovelies,

I’m working really hard to wrap up all of my Bahamas’ posts for ya’ll so you can expect quite a few to come in the next week or so – because I have a stock pile of outfits since then that I also want to share (and an exciting little announcement, too). For that reason some of the posts – like this one –  are a bit longer! Back to these outfits though: I fell in love with this striped bathing suit that I wore on our vacation because of the big bow on top. It’s so comfy and (I think) flattering, but I will say that if you have a longer torso like I do, it tends to fall down if you’re swimming or more active; I’m not sure if it’s just because of the length of the body, or the extra weight and water that the bows trap, regardless its better for sun bathing than full-on swimming! The dress I wore that night is so pretty, it has subtle silver underlay in the top half of the dress and then solid black on the skirt. I found it at Target so it obviously has a really good price and there’s nothing better than a comfy, cute and affordable piece of clothing.


P.s. I should mention that these shorts come in all sorts of colours (style linked below), are insanely affordable (and regularly have buy one get one 50% off, too) and my absolutely favourite. Check them out if you want some higher waisted denim shorts this summer!




What I’m Wearing:

Bathing suit: Kate Spade Wrap: Lilly Pulitzer (old), Similar

Sunglasses: This post  Shorts: American Eagle Dress: Target

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Canada, USA Earrings: This post

Photo Credit: @dorisblanchard73

. . . And incase you’ve read to the end of this extremely long post (thank you!) here’s a little gem of Matt and I on the beach. I was strolling along and Matt got pummelled by a wave – here’s him mid crash, and me laughing.

3 thoughts on “Travel with Me: Bahamas Day to Night!

  1. Matt needs help, he’s drowning !!! Haha. I like that black dress, that’s my style 🙂 Who took your photos, well done. I like the one at night with your hair blowing.

    1. Doris took those ones! You can see who took them all at the end where I list what I’m wearing 🙂 And don’t worry, we didn’t let him drown (… this time, haha)!

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