Another (Pink) Cocoon Coat

Hi Lovelies,

I warned ya that more cocoon coats were coming! I.Can’t.Stop. I fricken love this coat – but we all know that pink is my favourite colour, so really it’s not a surprise. I have to say looking back at these photos I feel a little witch-like with the glitter tights, black skirt and black booties but whatcha gonna do?! I had originally anticipated wearing a black t-shirt dress with this exact outfit but I couldn’t find it anywhere and had to settle on this – which I still like! However, if you’ve been to my house you’ll know it’s no surprise I couldn’t find my dress because my closet constantly looks like a hurricane has ravaged through it, and that’s because Hurricane Megan does hit every day. So now that we all know how messy my closet is, let’s talk about the rest of this look: I can’t stop wearing these tights with everything, they’re from Forever 21 so I’m not afraid to snag them, that being said they’ve held up really well considering how cheap they were. Also, we’ve seen these boots so many times because they’re honestly the comfiest shoe I own; I have absolutely no problem trekking around Chicago in them all day, even in Winter! For my skirt and shirt, I paired a simple black t-shirt with this skirt that’s a few years old. I like to combine t-shirts or tank tops with fancier skirts to make your look more casual and daytime appropriate (at least by my standards).



What I’m Wearing

Coat: J.Crew Skirt: Express (old), Similar

Shirt: Target (staple for me) Tights: Forever 21(sold out)

Boots: This post Lipstick: YSL*

*These YSL Oil lipsticks are an incredible formula to wear when you’re choosing bright colours. They apply super smooth because they are oil based, they keep your lips very hydrated, are comfortable to wear all day and they stain your lips so that when your lip colour begins to wear off a bit after eating or drinking there’s no noticeable difference between your inner lip and the lip line which likely still has bright colour on it. It’s a must try if you like bold colours! The nude colours are equally as wonderful, they just don’t stain your lips obviously.