How I Keep My Hair Healthy (and a little surprise)!

Hi Lovelies,

I’ve been keeping a tiny secret from you for the last week or so – I’VE CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF!!! I’m too excited to put this at the end of the post, so pleaseeee read on to see how I kept my extremely long hair very healthy and well maintained. I used to get quite a few people asking me if it was my real hair or extensions, and it was my own hair – so I’d like to think I was doing something right. The cut is super blunt with almost no layers and it’s coloured a really ashy light blonde. I’m so in love with it thanks to my amazing new stylist Jenna (@beautybybullaro) from Dennis Bartolomei salon. She’s so much fun and incredibly talented; definitely go see her if you’re in Chicago! Okay, I won’t torture you (or myself) any longer. Here’s the new ‘do:

P.s. My Shirt is from Lilly Pulitzer, but I snagged it during their sale and it’s sold out now. They have so many beautiful patterns though – so you’ll definitely find something similar.

Now that I’ve shared the exciting news, here’s a little bit of information on what I do to keep my hair healthy. I’m going to discuss products I love in a bit, but I think the main reason my hair stays so healthy and shiny despite only having it cut twice in the last 6 years is because I use minimal heat on it and blow dry it only a few times a month (if that)! I also only wash it once or twice a week. My Mom and Sister have a totally different hair texture than I do, much thinner and more finicky, so I get that this won’t work for everyone but it definitely took my hair time to adjust to my new process, too. I used to wash it daily, or at least every two days, so when I switched to only washing it once or twice a week, there was definitely a stage where my hair felt a bit greasy in between washes – but I gave it time (and switched to a few products discussed below) and eventually my hair adjusted. Now, the only real reason I need to wash is because I like to pile the hairspray on, not because it gets over oily (and that’s saying a lot with daily workouts).

  1. Oribe Royal Blowout Spray – I spray the Royal Blowout in my hair almost every time I shower. Not only do all of the Oribe products smell amazing they work really really well. I know they’re pricey (and I’ll be the first to admit that some of them aren’t worth the hype – I’m looking at you Gold Lust Dry Shampoo) but the ones I’ve named here are solid products. This is technically a blow dry spray and heat protectant but I mostly use it as a heat protectant and spray it in while my hair is wet because I know that I’ll most likely being using a flat iron or curling wand on it once it’s dry.
  2. Osis Dust It Powder – I’ve been a die hard fan of this for almost a decade now – although I sometimes switch to this one because it is cheaper, but the Osis is quite a bit better. I sprinkle it through the roots of my hair by my part and a layer underneath my part and then shake my fingers through it. It gives a gritty texture to my hair that provides more volume and helps hold teasing at the crown if you want even bigger hair (and I say the bigger the better)! I only use the product the first time I style my hair after it’s washed though, it lasts really well  – even through brushing, and if you over do it your hair can be a tangled sticky mess.
  3. Shu Uemera Color Lustre Shade Reviving Balm – This is actually a new product for me. My stylist that coloured my hair recommended I use it as a conditioner it to keep the light blonde a very ashy tone. I’ve used it twice and it works miracles! It’s has a very luxurious and creamy texture which I prefer in a conditioner, and really does correct the yellowing that you naturally get as a blonde. Although, I’d suggest not using it every shampoo because it definitely might be too purple for that, especially if you wash your hair more than I do. Also, my stylist suggested that I roughly dry out my hair with a towel after my shampoo so that the conditioner absorbs better, so of course I tried it and found it actually did make a difference. Don’t put your purple products on extremely wet hair anymore, ladies!
  4. Kenra Blow Dry Spray – This spray is similar to the Oribe spray in number 1, and you by no means need both, but I prefer using this when I’m blow drying my hair because it makes it extremely soft and smells wonderful. I just find that it is maybe a little too oily to spray on my hair if I don’t blow dry it, but makes it silky smooth if I do.
  5. Lush Shampoo Bars – this & this  – There are no words for how much I love these! I actually use several different kinds, but these two are my top faves. The yellow one pictured above is my number one but both are worth trying. It definitely takes a little while to get used to using shampoo in a bar form, but once you do you’ll love it. It’s easy to travel with, it lasts a long time (which is important to consider when you have mega long hair because shampoo goes so quick), and most importantly, it just works really well. They both leave your hair feeling extra extra clean, and then I like to follow up with a hydrating conditioner. The yellow bar makes hair shiny because of the lemon oils, and the blue bar gives hair some extra volume with the sea salt.
  6. Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion – This is a beach wave spray and I spray it in my hair when it’s wet all of the time. There’s an original beach/salt spray called Surf Spray, and this Infusion one mixes that original spray with a light oil so the salt doesn’t dry your hair out as much.
  7. Got2B Glued Hairspray (available at all drugstores!) – Let me preface this by saying I’m a bit of a hairspray snob. I’ve used every high end brand out there, and of course loads of drugstore ones, too. I’ve never found a drugstore one I LOVED until I this. This hairspray is strong and almost a little bit sticky which is my favourite formula because you can spray some in your hair while holding it out from your head a bit and it will give you loads of volume that actually holds all day. Plus, it’s like 7 bucks – can’t beat that. I’ve converted several of my friends and family to this cheap-0 and they love it just as much.
  8. Jessie James Decker Bless Your Hair – This one isn’t really helping keep my hair healthy, but it’s a hair perfume that smells so good and lasts in your hair for days. It has a classy but fresh scent and when you go a few days without washing your hair it’s a great refresh.
  9. Bumble & Bumble Boars Bristle Flat Brush or Mason Pearson Boars Bristle Brush – This by far the biggest change I made to my hair routine almost three years ago. These brushes are expensive, I know, I know, I know. But I promise you they make a world of difference. Here’s why: The boars bristle brushes actually move the oil from the roots of your hair down the shaft of it resulting in more hydrated ends of your hair and less oily roots – the ideal result! I still use a regular paddle brush to brush out my hair when it’s wet, but I use the boars bristle brush to brush my hair in the morning and night. Since I’ve made this switch my hair has really been less greasy, the products don’t build up in my hair as quick, and ultimately I’m able to hold fresh looking styles for almost a week because of these brushes. I personally have the Bumble & Bumble brush which works wonderfully (and is better priced) but I think they’re being discontinued. The Mason Pearson brushes are most well known in the boar bristle brush world, and last forever but they do come with a hefty price tag; however, there’s several sizes available to help cut the costs a bit. If you can’t track down a B&B brush, I’d order a Mason Pearson asap!
  10. Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo – I use this shampoo in between using number 3. It’s a purple shampoo also meant for color correcting and it also works well. When my hair was long and more golden toned I only used this purple shampoo to tone my hair, and not the balm I talk about above because the balm makes it very ashy.
  11. Oribe Apres Beach Spray – This spray is hands down my favourite Oribe product and one that I’ve never found a close dupe for. It’s meant to give beachy waves to your hair but without having salt in it. It sprays out almost like a liquid light wax so you only need a few squirts to give that messy texture to your hair. For that reason the bottle lasts forever and is worth the splurge. I’ve used it a few times a week on my really long hair for over a year now and still not run out. I only use this the day after I’ve washed my hair to put a bit of grit back into it so it holds style and volume better.
  12. Invisibobble Hair Ties – I tie my hair up all of the time when I’m at home. Whether it’s long or short I just don’t like it being down. I sleep with it tied up, too. So I use these little curly swirly hair ties because they don’t pull your hair out, hold in place really well, and don’t leave that crease across your hair when you take them out.
  13. Shu Uemera Texture Wave Spray – This one is also a new addition to my hair routine post hair cut. It’s the perfect mix between the Apres Beach Spray in number 11, and a dry shampoo. It adds lots of texture to the hair so it’s easy to achieve a tousled look (especially if you put a few curls in) but it has a tiny bit of that powdery dry shampoo feeling so that your hair doesn’t look greasy. That’s why I use the Apres Beach Spray when my hair is freshly washed, and then use this Texture Wave Spray every other day!

PHEW! That was a long post. If you managed to finish that all – thanks for sticking around! I hope you found it useful (and a bit fun).

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  1. Your long hair was very pretty , I was envious of it. But your new hair cut is more professional looking. I love it 🙂

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