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I thought I’d switch things up a little here today and share with you my travel essentials. I basically include all of these in my carry-on, but that’s simply because I typically carry my most important items with me incase my luggage is lost. It’s worth noting I also like to bring an extra set of clothing with me, especially if I’m travelling on long flights or to different climates. That way, I’m not stuck in the tropics sans a bathing suit and shorts while my suitcase makes it way to Iceland – thankfully my luggage hasn’t went that far off track . . . yet! I also always have a pair of fuzzy socks because I typically wear flats onto the plane and my feet/ankles usually get cold. I love to feel snuggly and warm so I can curl up with an audiobook and try to sleep my way through the flight. On that note, I’m also the type of person who prefers to fly either through the night, or very early in the morning. I get motion sickness very easily and my medication makes me quite drowsy so flying during the day is never ideal for me; that being said, if I do fly during the day, I try to stay awake and get work done, or catch up on tv shows since I’m not a great napper and always land feeling sluggish and yucky. Anyways, to see what else makes the cutoff for my carry-on you can check the pics below!



The Essentials

  1. Laline Monoi Hand Cream – I always, always, always carry hand cream with me. Dealing with papers, dry office areas and washing my hands leaves my skin continually dry. BUT, this Laline hand cream is a recent discovery of mine! My Sis and I came across it in NYC and I get so so so many compliments on the scent.
  2. Murad Wipes – Facial wipes are always good to have so that you can either wipe your makeup off if you’re on an overnight flight, or give your face a quick refresh after a long flight, especially if you’re planning on putting some makeup on before you land. These specific ones are my favourite wipes ever because they are not greasy, have great ingredients and legitimately feel like you just washed your face, with almost a minty fresh feeling to them.
  3. Macbook – This one is a given and maybe doesn’t even need to be included, but I pretty much carry my laptop in my bag at all times. I use it mostly to do work in the airport or on the plane, but in general I just can’t leave it behind no matter where I’m headed.
  4. Travel Folder – I’ve had several travel folders throughout the years, and made great use of all of them. This one is my newest version and I like that it has some folders on the outside for the most frequent documents you’ll need, and several on the inside for everything else. If you haven’t used a travel folder before, they have little labelled pouches for every different document you’ll have so it’s super easy to stay organized.
  5. Airline approved liquids bag – I know a ton of people who like to just use ziplock bags for their liquids when travelling – I personally prefer these ones from Sephora because they are silicone, therefore more sturdy. I generally keep all of my little extras including medication, lip products, mini perfumes and any other liquids I’ll have in there even when I’m not flying so that I never have to think twice when I stroll through security.
  6. CoverFX Foundation – I like to have a little bit of makeup with me for situations where it’s been a long travel day, I have to get off the plane and head straight somewhere, or my suitcase is MIA. I try to choose ones that won’t spill, hold up well for long periods of time, and can all be applied simply and quickly. This cover FX foundation is a cream which makes it ideal to use a concealer if you want to just pop a bit on after a long day, but can also easily be used for a full face if that’s the look you’re wanting. Plus, it’s long wearing and super natural looking.
  7. Buxom Lipgloss – I’m pretty positive I’ve mentioned this lipgloss before on the blog, but if I haven’t it’s an easy to apply and long wearing formula. I love this shade specifically because it’s very glittery and shiny so it applies well on bare lips. Fair warning though, to make it so long wearing, it is fairly sticky. If that’s not your thing, stay clear. It’s worth noting though that I have went through probably 6 tubes of it, and my Sister is obsessed too, so I’d say try it out!
  8. Purell Wipes – These wipes are a staple for me on flights. Actually, scratch that. They are a staple for my life. I use them for everything. I wipe down seats, armrests, tray tables, my laptop, my hands, the bottoms of my purses that get set down, and on and on. I go through so many of these on just a regular day, letting alone spending 5 hours cooped up on a plane with strangers breathing on you and 50 other people sitting in your seat that week.
  9. LV Neverful GM – This bag (in the damier azul or damier ebene) are what I almost always use as my carry on. Typically, it’s the bag I carry to work as well, so it’s easy for me to repack a few things and have it transition for travel. It’s obviously humongo so it fits pretty much everything I need in it, and it still fits under the seat in front of me. I hate having things in the overhead bin more than anything – I need to be able to reach all of my goodies easily, so this is a perfect option.
  10. Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette – I use this eyeshadow palette as my travel one on the regular. It doesn’t have enough shades for me to do any complex eyeshadow looks but has enough to make a simple swipe of color and some definition in the crease. Plus it’s super tiny and lightweight and legit smells like chocolate. Hallelujah!
  11. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – This shimmer brick is also a travel staple for me, simply because it has a bronzer, blush and highlight all in one. If you apply it to your cheeks in a single swipe it applies the colours in the order they appear in the palette and saves you a lot of products (and effort) which is perfect for a quick travel refresh.
  12. L’oreal Eyebrow Pencil – There’s not too much to say about this, other than that it’s a dupe for the Anastasia one that everybody loves so much! The only two differences are the spooly (admittedly Anastasia’s is better given that this one is more like an actual comb), and the price. It’s a winner in my books and necessary to give your eyes that wide awake look when you’re actually tired, puffy and dried out; not just me, I hope?!
  13. Living Proof Hair Spray – This one’s a tricky one for me, because if you’ve read my hair post from a few weeks back (it’s here if you haven’t), you’ll know I’m fairly particular about what products I use. So I’d love to say that I can bring one hairspray and use it for the entire trip, but the truth is, I use this mini one in my carry on only to freshen up my already styled hair. I find it doesn’t have enough hold to use in the mornings when I do a full style, but it’s not too sticky and just light weight enough to apply throughout the day.
  14. HBC Blanket – I switch between bringing this light weight blanket, and the occasional blanket scarf. Either work to help snuggle up and get some shut eye. I just love the feeling of this blanket and can also wear it as a big scarf if my carry on gets to full or the airport is frigid!
  15. Beauty Blender–  I bring a beauty blender with me because it’s easy to use to apply your foundation and bronzer. Plus you can bounce it on a skin to give it a touch up anytime, or use it to apply your moisturizers well. It has so many uses that it’s hard not to bring it everywhere.
  16. Sunglasses – The Dior ones from this post are what’s pictured, but I bring any pair that I’m into that day with me. I’m not usually the type of person who puts them on the sleep, but I do wear them on occasion when the sun is shining in and I’m not in control of the blind, or on the train when there is no blind or when the person in the seat beside you decides to turn their light on for hours even though they aren’t reading, but rather are sleeping also.
  17. Headphones – I bring my usual apple headphones with me that plug into the lightening jack, but I also am waiting for my pair of the AirPods to come in. When I got the new 7plus I thought it wouldn’t be an issue to use the regular Apple headphones with it, because after many trials, I’ve found I like the earbud shape on those best . . .but honestly, it is a problem. I can never charge my phone while I want to listen to things and in the airport or on the train where all I do is stare the little screen, it’s kind of a big deal. I recently went for an AirPod trial at Apple and really love them (albeit they do look a bit silly), plus they are supposed to provide better sound for phone calls (and block wind – necessary in the Windy City), and I love that they don’t start playing music until they are in your ears and pause if you take one out. I’ll update ya’ll once I’ve had them for awhile! The reason I say I’d still bring my regular pair though is because AirPods only last 5 hours and they have to charge in their case (15 mins for 3 hours of power), and I think I might want some headphones for that downtime. We’ll see how it plays out in reality.
  18. Batiste Dry Shampoo – Probably no explanation needed. A long time in the tiny little airplane seat leads to flat, oily hair.
  19. Past Tense Roller Oil – This little roller ball has a magical mixture of essential oils that smells minty and makes your muscles feel amazing. I find it really relaxing and it helps with any aches and tension you can get from sitting around so much while travelling.
  20. Teasing Comb – For the same reasons in number 18, plane hair is just never attractive. I like to fluff it back up and help make me look more put together and “with it”.
  21. YSL Lipstick – This is the same formula I raved about in this post but in the nude colour. I love how moisturizing it is, and it easily applies without a mirror so you can swipe it on at any time.
  22. LaraBar – I love all of these bars, but the Peanut Butter Cookie is my all time favourite (PB&J and Coconut are a close fave, though!). The PB Cookie one literally takes like the actual cookie, and has a crumbly dry texture like they tend to, as well. I love to pair it with a hot tea and really make a relaxing moment for myself.
  23. Pretzels & Hummus (available almost anywhere!) – I’ll always pick these up at an airport because they’re easily found, a (relatively) healthy snack and delicious. I’ve found that I can’t snack on my favourite candies anymore like I used to because it makes me feel restless and that’s the last thing I want when I’m stuck in a seat for hours on end.
  24. Waterproof Mascara – I wear this L’oreal Mascara every day. Since my eyes are so small, I wear waterproof formulas on the regular, to prevent them from running or smudging. However, I do believe it’s important for travel regardless because mascara tends to smudge when we close our eyes, or flake off after a long day. No one wants raccoon eyes! Ps. I know I’ve mentioned before in this post that the Armani mascara was my all time favourite, but you guys, this drugstore mascara may have taken it’s place. It’s seriously amazing and a fraction of the cost.
  25. MAC Eyelash Curler – This one goes to number 24, I always like to curl my lashes before I apply mascara or else they point straight down into my eyeballs and that’s neither flattering nor comfortable. My Sister introduced me to this curler a few years ago and nothing beats it; my lashes hold curl all day and look fluttery and natural.

That’s all my tips and tricks for travel essentials. Kudos to you if you made it to the end of this! I always question making longer posts, but I know personally if it’s a topic I’m interested in I’ll want to read an entire post, and if I’m not that interested I’ll just skim the photos. So I figure this was the best of both worlds. See ya Friday, babes!

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  1. This is a fantastic post – gives me some ideas of how I can travel more comfortably while also being practical with two kids. Also, I like that you’ve included the idea of a second outfit – I’ve overlooked this simple idea and payed for it! Thanks for taking the time to share!

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