She’s Gone Country

Hi Lovelies,

While I was down in Texas I got back to my country roots a bit. Many people probably don’t know that I grew up in a tiny town in Alberta, where cowboy boots, farming, and spending time camping, quading and having bonfires were a regular thing. Since I went off to university, moved to Toronto and now Chicago, my style has evolved a little bit. But I still enjoy doing all of the things I did growing up. Long story short, I traded in my gold moccasins for the cutest new pair of cowboy boots in Dallas, and it felt so good to have something that reminds me of home every time I wear them. In true Over The Topma fashion, they’re no ordinary boots, though! I also paired them with a hot pink silk dress, because . . . why not?! It’s not like I’m actually going to wear them to farm or mud, they’re far too pretty (and the embroidering would get dirty!). I know. Don’t judge.


And, my favourite photo for last . . .


What I’m Wearing

 Dress: Banana Republic Gold Moccasins: Old Navy Cowboy Boots: Wild Bills

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