Travel Day Style

Hi Lovelies,

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m always extremely interested to see what people are wearing for travel outfits because I’m continually stuck on ideas for super comfy yet stylish travelwear. Today,  I’m showing you an oversized sweater dress which is perfect for the plane because it’s literally like wearing a blanket. Speaking of that, if you know that your flight won’t be providing you with a blanket you may want to bring a thin one (see this post for my travel item recommendations) to keep your legs warm. I’ve paired this dress with some flat Chelsea boots in leopard calf hair – they were snagged at the Nordstrom sale for a great price but are affordable and comfy regardless.

I always like to travel with my GM Neverfull because it’s so easy to toss all of my junk into. But I recently got this new roller bag and have actually enjoyed having it as an additional carry on, too. This specific one is well priced, especially compared to some similar ones on the market, is lightweight, has well made inserts and straps inside, and rolls very easily.

Hopefully you’re all as excited about OTT returning as I am. I’ve been loving planning content and you can expect more regular posts as I get settled into life in Canada.


What I’m Wearing

Glasses: Prada Dress: Asos

Boots: Nordstrom Lip-color: YSL

Suitcase: Rockford Luggage

Photo Credit: @gingergirlgoes

*Note: I did not purchase my glasses through the provider linked.

The Big Move!

“And sometimes you just know, it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”

Hi Lovelies,

I can officially say that Over The Topma is back! For many different reasons, I’ve had to take the summer off of blogging, and let me tell you, I’ve missed it. There are so many things I need to update ya’ll on – but the biggest news is comin’ at ya today.


 The devastation of leaving a city that feels like home is real. Chicago has captured my heart and brought my whimsical soul alive. So why would I leave that behind, you ask? Because as much as I love Chicago, I love my Husband more. Being apart for the last few years has been a worth while experience, but being closer together has always been our next step and living in Canada is how we achieve that at this point in our lives. I’m hopeful this new chapter in my life will bring lots of exciting new adventures and happiness inducing, blog-worthy times but I leave Chicago with the sorrow of loss for the people I’ve met and the places I’ve made my own.

I’ve always believed the saying that “[y]ou will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” As hard as it is for me to imagine my life outside of Chicago, I am beyond blessed to have met and loved so many people in this city.

Chicago, you’ll always be my city. The city where I ventured out and found myself. The city where I created myself. The city where my dreams came to life. The city where I found my favorite place on the planet to stand and wonder about the world. The city where I made some of my best and lifelong friends. You’ve given so much to me, and to say goodbye leaves a part of my heart empty; but this isn’t the end of our story, I’ll be back one day. You’re my forever favorite, and always home.

So, with that being said, stick around if ya’ll want more posts on my favorite spots in the Chicago, our new home, fall fashion and beauty with a side of cocktails and party planning. I have some big plans for little ole’ OTT in the coming months and I’m excited to share them all with you.


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P.s you can find my sweater here. The orange jumpsuit is Victoria Beckham for Target Spring 2017, and the shoes are Coach Spring 2017.