Meet Eloise!

Hi Lovelies,

I know I’ve promised this post for a couple of weeks now, but since my movers finally showed up, things got super hectic real quick. So here’s a (brief) introduction to our new baby, ELOISE! She’s a 3 lb. silver and black dapple mini Dachshund – and I’m totally in love with her. Since we brought her home two weeks ago, she’s gained a pound, came out of her shy shell and become a mischievous, nibbling, barking little pup.

Eloise is our tiny American girl, and her voyage home to us was not exactly what we anticipated. Originally, my parents and I were supposed to drive to Montana to pick her up after her quick flight from her home in Minnesota to Great Falls, the closest U.S. city to us in Alberta. The trip started out smoothly, until we got about 2 hours from Great Falls, and received a call from her breeder informing us that Eloise was unable to board her flight because the cargo temperatures were too high for her travel. I panicked, of course. How was I going to get my puppy?! Unfortunately, the weather looked too warm all weekend for her to be able to catch another flight any day soon thereafter. My parents, being the troopers they are, didn’t even blink and eye when I told them we had to change our route and head directly to Eloise’s home in Minnesota. This ended up being a 22 hour driving time detour. We made it from northern Alberta to central Minnesota and back in 3 days!

The long days of nonstop driving were so worth it though when we finally got her. She was teeny tiny, super soft, and very docile. Even though she’s bigger and more rambunctious now (but equally as soft), I’m grateful we were finally able to bring her home and watch her grow.

I can’t wait to share more photos of her as she experiences life with us!