Three Books to Keep You Positive

Hi Lovelies,

I’m taking a little break from my usual lighthearted banter about cocktails, fashion, my chihuahua, and travelling to chat something a little different today – staying grounded as a person. Life is hectic. I know. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in work, social media, friends, the latest restaurant openings, deadlines, workout routines, meal prepping, and in general, just living your life (add kids to the mix and I’m sure it’s pure craziness!). I’ve recently been using several different books to help shift my focus at the start and end of the day away from the things that consume so much of my time and mind, towards things that will really help me stay grounded as a person, maintain a positive attitude and promote gratefulness for what I have. I, like so many other women, find it easy to compare my life to others on the internet, on the streets, or at the gym, but the reality is – I live such a blessed life and I need to carve out time to remember that. So here’s 3 books I’ve been loving lately to keep me happy, healthy, grateful & grounded!


  1. Happiness Planner – I love the Happiness Planner because unlike the others, it actually helps with organization, too. I use this one mainly at night when I have a lot on my mind and want to clear it before winding down for bed. I love that it has a mix of inspirational quotes, reminders to focus on what makes you happy, and questions to help you think about different topics. For example “Who would you like to see more often? List the things you would like to do together.” This one is undated (there is a dated version, too) so that you can start any time in the year, and it doesn’t have to be used daily, but I am trying to make a habit out of using it on a consistent basis to see the real impact on it has on my thoughts and positivity levels.
  2. 52 Lists for Happiness – The 52 Lists for Happiness book asks you make to one list each week regarding something that makes you happy. For instance “List the movies, books and tv shows that make you feel happy”. I love that this is a quick weekly task rather than a daily one, and it helps you to really think of what makes you happy. My personal goal for this book is to use what I think about and write to push me towards doing more of what I know makes me happy, on a daily basis.
  3. Five Year Memory Journal – The five year memory journal is one I find harder to stick to because it’s a long term journal that will be really cool to read back upon in a few years, but one I don’t find all that exciting on a day to day basis. I try to do this one in the morning because it’s super quick; all you do is finish the sentence for one sentence a day, and then answer one years worth of sentences for five years. The idea is you can look back on previous years and see how you’ve changed. I like that it’s either a question or open ended sentence so it doesn’t really require too much thinking, but it still makes you take a couple of minutes to reflect on a certain area of your life each day, as well.

If any of you are interested in trying to create a happier and more positive outlook on life, I highly recommend all three of these books. Of course, you by no means need them all – so pick which one sounds the most fitting for you and try starting there. P.s. Despite the links, I have found them all in store in Anthropologie quite often, too!

Christmas Faves: 2016!

Hi Lovelies,

If you know me at all, you’ll know that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year – and that’s a huge understatement! I’m the type of person who can’t wait for Halloween to come and go so I can be at least a little bit justified in putting up my tree and cranking Bing Crosby. Now that it’s officially December, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a few miscellaneous Christmassy faves I have this year. I could go on and on about anything Christmas related but I’ll keep it short(ish).


1.Christmas Decor: Because I’m near insane, prior to putting up my Christmas decorations I have to pack away every item in my house that is not neutral coloured, and then replace them all with appropriately coloured items for my theme that year. While I do a more classic Christmas look at my apartment here in Chicago, I do our house in Canada all white and turquoise (even the tree!). Arguably, the best decor piece in my apartment this year is my new bar cart; it’s peppermint themed with the top being a hot chocolate bar and the bottom having classic barware for cold drinks. The top level has candy cane liquor (Frosty’s Candy Cane, if you’re curious), mini peppermint marshmallows, and peppermint hot cocoa. All of the barware except for the mugs – which were a Marshall’s find, are from Nordstrom (here, here, here & here).

2.Mulled Wine: In Chicago, there’s the cutest little German Christmas market I look forward to each year, where they serve mulled wine in collectible cups. The wine is delicious, and honestly just drinking it out of my special cup makes it even more fun. So, the problem hit when it was early November this year and I wanted some of the wine in a silly collectible cup so bad. What’s a girl to do? Buy mulling spices (available here) and make her own of course! I just tossed some of the spices into a paper tea bag (like this) and let it simmer with orange peels and a dash (or three!) of maple bourbon in a pot of sweet red wine. My Mother In-Law doesn’t drink alcohol so I made it for her with a cranberry-pomegranate juice instead of wine (and sans the bourbon, clearly) and it turned out tasty, as well.

3.Winter Candle: This scent is by far the best Christmassy scent I’ve ever found. To me, Christmas smells like oranges, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, rosemary – the classics, and that’s just what the candle scent is! Aside from the fact that it smells delicious, it is so beautiful to burn because it’s not in a candle holder, so the wicks just burn down the middle leaving a pretty wax ring around the outside that has the dried fruit and spices right in the wax. I have the 3 wick candle, but there is a 6 wick one too which is stunning if you have a larger space or a holiday party (here & here)! You’re fair warned though that the company (The White Company London) is from the UK, so despite having a US site, the shipping rates can still be pretty high.


4.Tartan Plaid Shoes: WITH CRYSTALS! Okay, I get it . . . these aren’t that practical. I know I can only wear them for a few weeks out of the year, but they’re tartan plaid heels with crystals, so that’s really all of the justification I need. I love a good statement stiletto, and these ones are timeless enough (in my opinion) to wear every holiday season to come. I have a few holiday looks planned to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled for them to make further appearances (or snag them for yourself here).

This is a complete side note, but how cute is this picture I got of my Pup?! He’s so stinkin’ precious I had to share it. And since I don’t think I’ve mentioned him before – this is Taquita, my 9 year old Chihuahua who is my bestie, the love of my life, and a legit medical marvel.


Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

Hi Lovelies!

With the holidays fast approaching I’m working my way through my Christmas shopping, and I’ve found that for the first year in perhaps ever, I actually have some good gift ideas for the men in my life. I thought I’d share them with you so that if any of you are shopping the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can keep them in mind. So Husband beware, if you read on several of your gifts will be spoiled! Most of them are self explanatory but I have to say my favourite this year is the new L’Occitane cologne called Cedrat. I’ve linked to a beautiful gift basket but the cologne by its self is very reasonably priced ($62 for 2.5 fl/oz) and men approved – I’ve sprayed it on a few scent cards and then asked my Hubs, friends, and random department store workers what they thought of it, and everyone loved it! The mini bar kit is also a great gift because in my opinion its a pretty unique find, and great for anyone who loves to travel. I’m always looking for more men’s gift ideas so leave me a comment if you have any you love!



screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-35-45-pm1.  Cedrat Cologne  2. Seasoning Mixes  3. Scarf  4. Teakwood S’well  5. Fun Dress Socks 6. Touch-Screen Compatible Gloves  7. Mini Bar Kit  8. FitBit Blaze