Easter Cocktails, Three Ways!

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days on here. Of course, as soon as I get a couple months in with my regular posts, a nasty virus hits and takes me down for awhile. Nevertheless, with Easter fast approaching I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share some of my Spring inspired cocktail recipes for your Easter festivities. I like to throw together ingredients and see what works, so there’s some unique flavour profiles here – luckily I’ve done the leg work for you. Let me know if you try any of these recipes, or customize them for yourself; I’m always on the hunt for new recipes! Also, you’re forewarned that the Peep martini is strong, but a good martini always is, right?

Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular posts now – no promises, but I do have some great looks coming your way very, very, soon šŸ™‚



Boozy Strawberry LemonadeĀ 

To make: Add sliced strawberries to the bottom of champagne flute, pour in vodka and lemonade, add in prosecco, and top with a splash of lemon water if desired.

Rosemary Grapefruit G&T

To make: muddle lime and a few rosemary sprigs in the bottom of the glass, pour in gin and grapefruit juice and stir lightly. Top with tonic water, and garnish with rosemary.

Cotton Candy Marshmallow Peep Martini

To make: Mix Whipped and Cotton Candy vodka in a martini shaker with ice, add cream, and shake lightly. Wet rim of glass with water or honey and rim the glass with sprinkles. Cut the peep and garnish side of glass with it. Pour in the shaken martini. Optionally, add one drop of red food colouring to the martini shaker to make a pink coloured drink! * I used cotton candy peeps – but I mean, do they even look like peeps anymore?!