Perfume Picks: Spring & Summer 2017

Hi Lovelies,

I thought I’d share my top perfume picks for this Spring & Summer with you today. Several of them are ones I go back to year after year, but a few of them are new. I should preface all of these by saying that I’m very seasonal when it comes to my chosen scents, so for Spring I typically go for light floral scents, and for Summer I like ones that smell beachy and almost maybe a bit sunscreen-esque. That being said, I basically interchange my Spring and Summer ones depending on how warm the weather is, regardless of the actual season. You can see all of my current faves, and my (terrible) attempt at describing them below!





  1. Prada Candy – This scent is the perfect choice for anyone who likes really sweet perfumes. It literally smells like sugar; like a lollipop or cotton candy! I usually wear it during the day in Spring, and in the evenings during Summer, since it is a bit of a heavier scent compared to the others listed here.
  2. Oribe Cote d’Azur – I have to admit, I bought this one hoping it would smell like my beloved classic Oribe scent (ya’ll know I’m a huge fan of their hair products!), but if I’m being honest it doesn’t smell the same. It’s close. Really close. But something is a bit off. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful scent if you love that fresh, citrusy smell Oribe has.
  3. Victoria Secret Bombshell – I have loved his perfume for years and years. Probably since I was in high school. It smells florally, a little sweet, and a bit like sea water. I like to travel with this one since it’s less expensive than the others so I don’t fear the bottle breaking. It’s one I spray on as often as I like without concern that I’ll use it all up, and it has great staying power.
  4. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua – It took me almost two years to bite the bullet and buy this fragrance. These TF ones are expensive, and I had originally wanted the Neroli Portofino, but every time I would get a tester of it, I found that the scent wouldn’t last more than an hour or so. Last Summer, they released this Neroli Portofino Acqua and it’s a very similar scent, but I like it a bit better, plus I find it lasts for hours and hours on me. It smells very beachy, a bit citrusy, and almost a tad fishy like fresh sea water does (weird, I know – but it’s delish). As a side note, I bought this TF one for Hubs last Spring, and he loves it! Most of this TF collection is meant to be unisex but I find this one to be very masculine.
  5. Bobbi Brown Beach – If I had to pick my number one fragrance to wear all Summer long, it’s Beach. It legitimately smells like sunscreen. It’s fresh, light, and you get whisps of it all day, making you feel like you’re ready for the pool, even if you’re stuck in your office working. Smell this one NOW!
  6. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc – This one was also released by TF last summer, it smells very beachy as well (notice a theme here?). It has the sunscreen undertones to it like Beach does, but adds in some coconut and a bit more sweetness. This one is pricey so I understand the hesitance to purchase it, I find that this one is an almost exact dupe and a better price point, if you want to compare them!
  7. Atelier Cologne Clementine California – This perfume is brand new for this Season. I’ve had a few of the Atelier scents, but I love the fresh clementines in this one. It basically smells like Summer, light flowers and oranges in a bottle. It’s my top choice for Spring right now, and it’s limited edition.
  8. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue – This one is another evening scent for me. I’ll occasionally wear it on a gloomy or chilly spring day, but on the whole I wear it for a night out in both Summer and Spring. I find this scent so hard to describe, but I feel like almost everyone has sniffed it before. If you haven’t it’s a heavier but still fresh citrus scent with touch of musk to it. Very classy and timeless, in my opinion.
  9. Bond No. 9 Madison Avenue – Madison Avenue is the newest scent to my collection this season. I picked it up while we were in NYC in February. The store had so so so so many fragrances I wanted but I landed on this one in the end. I’m not sure that other people would agree, but I find it has the scent of strawberries & cream, with tulips, and perhaps a grassy undertone. I highly recommend checking out Bond No. 9 if you haven’t already. My only complaint is that I can’t smell it on my self for more than an hour or two so I tend to put more on frequently. That being said others compliment it near the end of the day so I do think it has some staying power.
  10. Chloe – I think I’ve mentioned Chloe several times on the blog before. It’s my all time favourite scent, no matter the season. That being said, I don’t wear it as often in the Spring and Summer as I do the rest of the year. I like to think of her as my ole faithful, the one I wear every time I don’t know what to put on. She’s a must have!